GBC Training

“It’s impossible to gain muscle and lose fat at the same time.” Think again! If you are looking to build your dream physique, increase your overall work capacity, and slice off fat in as little as 30 minutes, try German Body Composition. 

The information below comes from Charles Poliquin who designed an entire book describing this training method. His belief was that one could build muscle and burn fat with weight training and no cardio/aerobic training. Well, he definitely did that. And at FE3, we have utilized this theory and can say that it definitely works. 



  • Recovery – GBC pairs upper and lower body exercises in the workouts. This gives the opposing muscle group time to rest and for you to feel fresh on your next set.
  • Increases work capacity
  • EPOC – burning calories when you rest.
  • Shorter workouts
  • Increase in growth hormone
  • Can see results with only 2-3 sessions a week


How to execute GBC?

  • Use your main compound exercises (squats, deadlift, bench press)
  • Higher repetitions 10-15 reps
  • Shorter rest intervals – 60 seconds or less
  • Sets – 3-5
  • Slower tempo – Using slower tempo has been shown to make a better muscle building and fat loss response.


The Science

  • Using these parameters increases growth hormone, which is a biochemical that is naturally produced in the body that helps regulate body fat. GBC not only burns more fat during your workout but throughout the rest of the day as well! To make this more crucial, it has been shown that as we age, growth hormone levels can decrease by 14 percent in a decade, making it harder to lose fat and gain muscle, making strength training a MUST! 

What type of results to expect?

  • For women it is not uncommon to lose 6-8% of their body fat in 12 weeks while maintaining or gaining muscle. 
  • Males can expect  to reduce .5 percent of body fat per week while gaining muscle. Beginners can also see an eye opening 12-18 pound increase in muscle mass in 12 weeks!


Ready to reach your physique goals? Here is an example of a GBC workout:


Group Exercise Sets  Reps Tempo  Rest
A1. Trap Bar deadlift 3 12-15 30X0 30 seconds
A2. Overhead Dumbbell Press 3 10-12 3011 30 seconds
B1 Alternating DB lunges 3 12-15 20X0 30 seconds
B2. Seated rope rowing to neck 3 12-15 3010 30s
C1 45 degree back extension 3 8-10 3010 30s
C2 Weighted step up 3 8-10 each leg 20X0 90s



Coach Jesse

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