S.M.A.R.T Goals

It’s that time of year again! Everyone is starting their New Year’s resolution and wants to kick off their weight loss journey on the right foot. Time and time again we fail to complete our new set goals and end up right where we started. So here are a few tips to set yourself up for success.

  • Set a SMART goal

Specific – Know exactly what you want to achieve. Set immediate goals (1-30 days) Short term goals (9,6, 3 months) Long term (10, 5, 1 years)

Measurable – Make sure your goal is track able.What is your goal?

Attainable – Make sure your goal is challenging but possible. 

Realistic – Be honest with yourself and know what you’re capable of.

Time-Based – Set a specific deadline. 

Charles Poliquin always said, “failing to plan is planning to fail.”

  • Recreate your environment!

Set yourself up for success when going through a dietary or lifestyle change is creating an environment that promotes your goal. Whether it’s your home or office you need to get rid of the foods or triggers that tempt you and replace them with wholesome good foods, visuals, or anything that motivates you and agrees with your specific goal in mind.

  • Develop a mantra

Instead of saying “I can’t eat donuts,” say “I DON’T eat donuts.” Don’t is a choice and Can’t is a restriction. Developing this mantra will play a huge role in your future success.

  • Choose a Mentor(s)

Find people to teach you the essentials that have had success in the goal you’re trying to achieve. Mentors can give you priceless advice and guide you on your journey.

  • Celebrate your successes

This doesn’t mean go pig out and completely destroy your progress. Whether you hit a personal best at the gym or lose that 5 lbs that you’ve been working so hard to lose, go out and buy those new gym shoes, or get that special something for yourself to keep you focused on your goals. Enjoy the journey to your desired goal and celebrate little wins along the way.

Thanks! Catch our next article diving deeper into making your goal more “Specific.”

Coach Jesse

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