In our previous article we discussed how important and how to measure goals properly. Today we will be covering how to make your goals Attainable

First off, what does attainable mean? It means, “within reach.” Again, it sounds harsh, but as I mentioned in the first article, you must be real with yourself and understand if your goal is actually “do-able”. For example if someone wanted to lose 30 pounds of body fat by the end of the month. This goal is not do-able or sustainable.

Secondly, after making your goal “do-able,” you must make the goal action-orientated. This means finding positive activity that creates results when striving towards your goal.

(Ex: Stretching, journaling, meditation)

Lastly, make a list of what you feel are the best and most effective ways of reaching goals you have already achieved. Look back to your previous goals you conquered and think what were the key factors that helped you achieve the goal and how can you bring those factors into your current goal?

Thanks! After you’ve made your goal attainable, find out how to make it realistic!

Coach Jesse

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